PS3 + DUST 514 = :(

May 13, 2012 in Blog, News by Dr. Otaku

CCP has announced that this summer’s release of Dust 514 will be “ Free-to-Play.”
Unfamiliar with DUST 514?  Here is an excerpt from CPP:

DUST 514 is an MMOFPS from CCP Games set in a massive persistent universe and available exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3. Bridging the PC and console platforms, DUST 514 delivers an immersive experience of brutal ground combat and strategic planetary conquest set in the thriving universe of CCP’s science-fiction MMO for PC and Mac, EVE Online. In DUST 514, mercenaries on the ground wage war to acquire territory, resources and notoriety, forging and breaking agreements with the starship pilots of EVE Online as they work together in real-time to control vast regions of deep space. Players in EVE Online and DUST 514 share a realistic, player-driven economy. Every action in DUST 514 has real consequences that ripple across a persistent universe spanning thousands of star systems. In DUST 514, unlike in any other game, your actions can truly topple empires. Learn more at

As an Eve online player I was initially very pleased to hear about the release of this game.  I love the fact that the game will be very accessible (free to download/free to play).  I also like the idea that DUST 514 will have a direct influence over the EVE economy.  My problem is with the PS3, and CCP’s decision on making this game a PS3 exclusive title


Why PS3???

The PS3 is at the end of its life cycle.  Here’s the proof:

In the US, the original PlayStation was released on September 9, 1995, the PS2 came around 2000 , and the PS3 was introduced on November 17, 2006. So Sony puts out a game system every 5-6 year.  Since the PS3 is almost 6 years old I’m thinking we might hear something about a new Sony game system within the next year.  This is a problem for a game like DUST 514.  If this game is going to be supported like Eve (a 9 year old game), it may be around for a very long time, and Sony in recent years hasn’t shown much interest in supporting backwards comparability.Backwards Compatibility.
When the PS3 was first released in the US, a backwards compatible version was available (cost more but I was willing to pay).  Today this is no longer the case.  If you go to a store you’ll not be able to find a (NEW) PS3 that can play PS2 disks.  The reason, according to Sony, was that it cost a lot more money to produce a PS3 that would play PS2 Media.  I’m assuming Sony had conducted market research concluding that there was little demand for backwards compatible PS3′s.  In any case, Sony stopped making backwards compatible systems.  History tends to repeat itself.  My only hope is that Sony will continue to support older game systems even if demand is low.  Because if they don’t… players will be forced to play DUST on an antiquated game system.



For the most part, I don’t believe the decision makers at CCP are dumb.  So I can only assume the company is either trying to get a new/younger player base and are trying to enter the console gaming market.  I don’t think these are bad business moves for CCP, I just hope the decision of being “exclusive” on the PS3 won’t blow up in their collective faces.  Lets just make things real, the PS3 is old, and Sony has a bad reputation when it comes to backwards compatibility.  So please Sony… Make your PS4 backwards compatible, so I can love your product again.